Below you'll find a few testimonials from clients.
While many of my clients prefer to remain anonymous on my website, I am happy to put a prospective client in touch with someone who has relied on my services as they decide whether I am the right fit for their needs.  

Developmental and Substantive Editing: Books 

"Writing a book is often considered an individualistic effort.
Reaching an audience with the message you want to communicate, however, requires creative collaboration.
Pia Kohler will work with you to hone your message, sharpen your analysis, and convey key points.
Knowledgeable, thoughtful, incisive, and kind, Pia helps you find the most important asset you have – your voice –
and enables you to speak up loud and clear!"

Maria Ivanova, Associate Professor of Global Governance, UMass Boston McCormack Graduate School
The Untold Story of the World's Leading Environmental Institution: UNEP at Fifty (MIT Press 2021)