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Below you'll find a few testimonials from clients.
While many of my clients prefer to remain anonymous on my website, I am happy to put a prospective client in touch with someone who has relied on my services as they decide whether I am the right fit for their needs.  

Developmental and Substantive Editing: Books 

"I can't say enough good things about my experience working with Dr. Pia Kohler. With her characteristic (and rare) combination of illuminating feedback and sincere support, Dr. Kohler thoroughly attended to every aspect of my book manuscript. She ensured that its macro structure was consistent, cohesive, and legible to multiple disciplines and subdisciplines; scrutinized the the meso structure of each chapter so that it served its purpose in full (but not to excess); and offered textual line-edits that significantly improved my prose -- and not just in English!

She also provided creative solutions to the thorniest problems. An expert in the art of the monograph, Dr. Kohler showed me a range of techniques possible in that medium that had never occurred to me, including the strategic use of tables, boxes, codas, and appendices.

Perhaps I am most grateful to Dr. Kohler, though, for enhancing my self-esteem as a scholar. Thanks to her effective and efficient services, I was able to move past several writing insecurities inherited from graduate school and meet my manuscript deadlines. I'm pleased to report that I've just submitted the manuscript to my top choice press, with pride and confidence in my work."

Assistant Professor in the social sciences, Cornell University

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